Gig List for Stoke & surrounding areas

DAVE POOLE·FRIDAY, 11 August 2018

Friday September 28th

Bigfoot Plus Support @ Eleven, Sandyford

Della And The Fella’s @ The Winking Man Pub · Upper Hulme

Josh @ The Village Tavern - Joiners Sq

Magnetic Jellyfish @ The Cuckoo Newstead

Mutha Humbucker @ The Cosey Haslington

Oli Docksey - Killer Tribute @ Ashwood Longton

Resurrected @ Lymedale Bar Grill Newcastle

Seven Deadly Sins @ New Finney Gardens, Bucknall

Very Bad Company @ The Raven, Crewe

Voices Of Extreme @ Jollees, Stoke £10

Saturday September 29th

Blue Cartel @ The Cuckoo

Damage @ Rising Sun Vaults In Crewe

Decades Of Fire @ The Terrace Inn Penkhull

Fat Lip @ The Gables Trentham Road

High Plains Drifter @ The Park Inn, Dresden

Hollywood Nights @ Lymedale Bar Grill Newcastle

Iron Edd @ The Old Brown Jug · Newcastle Under Lyme

Jesse’s Divide & Quiet The Thief @ The Freebird

Josh @ Ye Olde Manor – Fenton

Karen Pfeiffer @ Staffordshire bullStafford

Messenger @ Swan Inn, Talke

Moondogs @ Potters Bar

Kyle Newman Queens Of Rock @ The Regent Pub

Rob Black @ Ashwood Longton

Skalinskis @ Red Lion Market Drayton

Slug @ The Cosey Haslington

Soundcasters @ The Birches Head Hotel

Southbound Stoke @ The New Penny, Longton

Stepping Lane @ The Foxley Hotel at MiltonStoke-on-Trent

Swampgator @ Norton Central

The Cyril Blake Multicoloured Bus Ride @ The Swan Macclesfield

The Grumpy Mule Blues Band @ Ran Ales Bar & Brewery £3.50

The Task @ New Finney Gardens, Bucknall

The V @ Linley Tavern

The Victoria Festival @ Victoria Hotel, Maybank

Touch Too Much @ Old Star In Uttoxeter

Wayne Ryles @ The Talbot Inn

West Coast Eagles @ Eleven, Sandyford



Sunday September 30

Deadbeat Damsels @ The Lazy Trout, Meerbrook

Guitar Monkey @ The Bakers Arms Cheadle 4 til 7

Josh @ Meir & Longton Rbl

Seven Deadly Sins @ Ye Olde Crown, Burlsem, 6.30pm

The Howie Band @ Victoria Hotel May Bank 6pm

The Victoria Festival @ Victoria Hotel, Maybank


Tuesday October 2

Jay Johnson Band + Adam Finney @ The Glebe Stoke

Friday October 5

Awake @ The New Broom Checkley

Rammlied @ Eleven, Sandyford

The Clays @ The Exchange

The Rockin Woosah Show With The Runawayz, Ignition + More @ Lea Hall Social Club · Rugeley

The Vanz @ The Ashwood, Longton

Saturday October 6th

Backstreet Thunder @ Eleven, Sandyford

Black Canyon City @ The Birches Head Hotel

Gastrik Band @ The Queens Head Burslem

Not Guilty @ Auctioneers Arms, Caverswall

Sinpusher @ Linley Tavern

Smoking Guns @ The Old Star, Uttoxeter

Southbound Stoke @ The White Lion, Penkhull

The Pistols + The Complete Clash @ Jollees Stoke £10

The Sensational Gas-Trick Band @ The Queens Head Burslem

Mercurys Curse + Support (Tbc) At The Freebird

Della And The Fella’s @ New Finney Gardens

Mercurys Curse + Tides of Ruin @ The Freebird


Sunday October 7

Southbound Stoke @ The Old Star, Uttoxeter

the grumpy mules band @ the Crown Burslem 6.30pm


Tuesday October 9

Grant Matthews 'Simply Acoustic' @ The Glebe Stoke


Wednesday October 10th

Diamond Head Uk @ Eleven, Sandyford


Thursday October 11th

Ross The Boss & Hollowpoint
@ Eleven


Friday October 12th

Frenzy @ The Underground, Hanley

Smoking Guns @ The Top Pub, Brown Edge

Punky Meadows & Frank Dimino of Angel + Heavy Pettin' @ Eleven, Sandyford

Irish Folk @ Auctioneers Arms

Trax Duo @ The Railway Inn Alsager 

Seven Deadly Sins @ Lymedale Bar Grill Newcastle


Saturday October 13th

Dark Thoughts' + Milky Wimpshake @ Pilgrims Pit 12pm £5

Electro 80's @  The Winking Man

Indecision @ Lymedale Bar Grill Newcastle

Mark Memphis & the Mayhems @ Ashwood in Longton

Remind @ Linley Tavern

The Jam'd @ Eleven, Sandyford

Very Bad Company @ The Commercial, Stoke

RAMP’D @ The Swan Inn, Stone


Sunday October 14th

Kee Marcello @ Eleven, Sandyford

Trilogy @ The Leopard, Burslem, 5pm

Charmaine Baines and the affrotations @ the Crown Burslem 6.30pm

The Lewis Hamilton Band + The Vice Bishops @ Doveridge Village Hall


Tuesday October 16

Blue Cartel Duo @ The Glebe Stoke


Thursday October 18th

From the Jam @ Keele Students union

Triple J Trio featuring Jeff Rich Satus Quo Drummer @ Eleven


Friday October 19th

Maet Loaf and the Neverland Express @ Eleven, Sandyford

The VANZ @ The Railway, Nantwich

Contraband @ Lymedale Bar Grill Newcastle

Chokehold // Betrayal incorporated // Wolves in Alcatraz @ Rigger Rock Venue · Newcastle under Lyme



Saturday October 20th

3 Wise Monkeys @ Linley Tavern

FIREFEST All Dayer @ The Old Brown Jug · Newcastle under Lyme

N5 Smile @ Auctioneers Arms

Rainbow Rising @ Eleven, Sandyford

The Conspirators @ Lymedale Bar Grill Newcastle

Trafford Park @ Gardner’s Stoke 


Sunday October 21

Ignition @ the Crown Burslem 6.30pm


Tuesday October 23

The Kings Pistol + Steve Dale @ The Glebe Stoke


Friday October 26

David Live The David Bowie tribute show @ Eleven, Sandyford

Trafford Park @ Bellringer Eaton Park


Saturday October 27

Artizan @ Linley Tavern

Gambler @ Lymedale Bar Grill Newcastle

Just Floyd @ Eleven, Sandyford

The Ska45's band @ Wolstanton Social Club Halloween party 

The VANZ @ The Black Horse Endon

Trafford Park @ Furlong Tavern Tunstall

RAMP’D @ Red lion, Stone

Mercurys Curse + Mischief @ The Jester, Fegg Hayes


Sunday October 28

Byte @ the Crown Burslem 6.30pm


Tuesday October 30th

Eric Martin accompanied by David Cotterill @ Eleven, Sandyford

Taskrz + Helena Francesca @ The Glebe Stoke


Thursday November 1

Wishbone Ash with support Long Strung Creatures @ Eleven, Sandyford


Friday November 2

Dirty DC @ Eleven, Sandyford

The Vanz @ Lymedale Bar Grill Newcastle

Peaky Blinders Night ft The Antarctic Monkeys @ Woosah Lea Hall Rugeley


Saturday November 3rd

Mutha Humbucker @ Linley Tavern

Southbound Stoke @ The Foxley, Milton

The VANZ @ Rudyard Lake Firework Display

Tourniquet @ Lymedale Bar Grill Newcastle

Very Bad Company @ New Finney Gardens, Bucknall
Rock Bottom UFO MSG tribute @ Eleven


Sunday November 4


Tuesday November 6

The Idioms @ The Glebe Stoke


Thursday November 8

Bad Touch Aaron Buchanan & the cult classics Daxx & Roxane @ Eleven, Sandyford


Friday November 9

Motorkill @ Eleven, Sandyford


Saturday November 10th

Very Bad Company @ The Old Royal Oak, Burton-Upon-Trent

Smoking Guns@ New Finney Gardens, Bucknall

Hotter than Hell @ Eleven, Sandyford

Trax Duo @ The Swan Inn At Talke

Risky Business @ Linley Tavern

RAMP’D @ The Lamb Inn, Walton


Sunday November 11


Tuesday November 13

Phil Maddocks & the Outdoor Angels @ The Glebe Stoke


Friday November 16
Jilted Generation Prodigy Tibute @ Eleven

The Mersey Beatles @ Kings Hall Stoke-on-Trent.

The VANZ @ The Bellringer, Eaton Park

Trax Duo @ The Leopard Hotel · Stoke-on-Trent


Saturday November 17th

Southbound Stoke @ The Congress, Longton

Glam 45 plus Sweet 45 @ Eleven, Sandyford

Double Denim @ Linley Tavern

An Evening with Rick Buckler- The Jam @ Mart's Brewhouse & Tap · Stoke-on-Trent


Sunday November 18

Very Bad Company @ Ye Olde Crown, Burslem 7pm


Tuesday November 20

Gary Hall @ The Glebe Stoke


Wednesday November 21
Dan Reed Network Plus support from Mason Hill & Hollowstar @ Eleven


Thursday November 22

UK SUBS plus support @ Eleven, Sandyford


Friday November 23rd

Magnetic Jellyfish @ Eleven, Sandyford

The VANZ @ The Cosey Club, Haslington - door charge for non members


Saturday November 24

Smoking Guns @ The Jester, Fegg Hayes

Black Rose @ Eleven, Sandyford

Le Beat @ Linley Tavern 


Sunday November 25


Tuesday November 27

Don't Call Me Ishmael + support @ The Glebe Stoke


Thursday November 29

Geoff Tates Operation Mindchrime plus Till Death Us Do Part @ Eleven, Sandyford


Friday November 30th

Very Bad Company @ The Railway, Nantwich

Scopyons @ Eleven, Sandyford


Saturday December 1st

Southbound Stoke @ The Black Lion, Trent Vale

Alunah / Silverchild / Anhedonia @ Rigger Rock Venue · Newcastle under Lyme
A Foreigners Journey @ Eleven


Sunday December 2

motorheadach @ the Crown Burslem  6.30


Tuesday December 4

Malpractice + Nick Degg Poet @ The Glebe Stoke


Friday December 7

Kings Ov Leon @ Eleven, Sandyford

The VANZ @ The Ashwood, Longton

Definitely Oasis -Oasis Tribute @ Woosah Rugeley


Saturday December 8th

Very Bad Company @ The Potters Bar, Meir

Blondied @ Eleven, Sandyford

The VANZ @ Granvilles, Stone - 10.30pm - door charge applies


Sunday December 9


Tuesday December 11

Jim Kirkpatrick @ The Glebe Stoke


Thursday Dercember 13

Rhinos Revenge @ Eleven


Friday December 14

Guns or Roses @ Eleven, Sandyford

Department SEastfield

Sons of CloggerJess Silk, and Paul Carbuncle @ The Rigger


Saturday December 15th

Southbound Stoke @ New Finney Gardens, Bucknall

Hellbent Forever Judas Priest Tribute @ Eleven, Sandyford

Smoking Guns @ The Birches Head Hotel


Sunday December 16


Tuesday December 18

Barrelhiouse Jukes @ The Glebe Stoke


Wednesday December 19

David Cotterill solo acoustic @ The Swan Inn, Stone (9pm)


Friday December 21

The Sex Pistols Experience @ Eleven, Sandyford


Saturday December 22

Bon Giovi Christmas Party @ Eleven, Sandyford

The VANZ @ The Potters Bar, Meir Park


Sunday December 23


Monday December 24

The VANZ @ Lymedale Bar, Milehouse, Newcastle


Wednesday December 26

The VANZ @ The Black Horse, Endon (4.15pm)


Thursday December 27

Rough Kutz Christmas do with 2 Guitars Clash and Bud Smugglers @ Eleven, Sandyford


Friday December 28

QEII @ Eleven, Sandyford


Saturday December 29


Sunday December 30


Monday December 31

The VANZ @ Baddeley Green Club (ticket entry)

Very Bad Company NYE @ RAN Ales Brewery (ticket)

Modern Day Cowboys , Hair to the Throne, Meanstreak @ Eleven

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